Soul Coaching

Coaching the Soul consists of individual sessions where you will be guided and stimulated in addressing elements of life that call for a change, so that you are more and more in a consistent correlation and a true reflection of your Soul’s purpose and frequency, so that you realize your life’s purpose.

Pascal N. Paquette

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Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR presents Pascal N. Paquette, psychosociologist, communicator, Energetic practitioner, Teacher, Guide and Soul Coach, specialistof change, natural health through healthy living, and communications. He is a unique communicator, facilitating our understanding through colourful and evocative metaphors.

Insurance receipts available for Naturopathic consultations ( A.N.N and O.C.P.N.N. )
LoveRadiance and Parlecoeur for alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine and naturopathy.



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Private Meditation Lessons

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