Energetic Cellular Reprogramming

Energetic Cellular Reprogramming (and cellular deprogramming) is an intervention that occurs at a high vibratory level that is part of a specific approach. In order to truly benefit from Energetic Cellular Reprogramming, you need to be in a real and profound commitment with yourself towards the transformation of your life, and really want to transform what isn’t relevant anymore. The main goal is the inscription of a Universal knowledge that replaces the old beliefs in order to manifest their full creation potential.

The Energetic Cellular Reprogramming can complement Energetic cell transformation for those who want to dissolve inadequate cristallisations embedded in their energetic cells and that condition their inner state.

At a very high vibratory level, you will be guided to change and dislodge destructive energetic programming and replace them with creative and expansive energetic programming.

The energetic reprogramming of the cells allows the person’s inner-state to be more natural and in correlation with the true Essence of the Being and profound life choices. His thoughts, words, gestures and actions are chosen based on a broad knowledge of himself and the Universe in which we evolve. The new life choices are inscribed in the energetic cells with specific energy interventions.

Who is this intended for?

It is intended for those who want to dissolve the programs that are inadequate on the energetic cellular level.

The new choices are also inscribed on an energetic cellular level with the support of specific energy interventions.

The sessions

As sessions go by, the person profoundly engaged in the spiritual path identifies the programs to transform and those that are ready to be dissolve and transformed. From this choice, specific energy interventions involving the active participation of the person are performed to a full reprogramming.

The path is unique and adapted to each consultant. Both during the sessions and between them, the person is highly implicated in the reprogramming of the energetic cells using specific exercises to maintain its high vibratory level and state of consciousness.

Frequency and constancy

One hour to one hour and a half sessions is advised, according to the chosen interventions to be performed, in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pace.

These sessions are oriented on specific topics selected by the person and it may be suggested that other approaches alternately occur, depending on what is to address in the moment.

How to prepare for a session

I suggest that you take a moment of self-presence just before the time of the appointment for a few minutes, either by meditation or simply by closing your eyes for a moment and by breathing deeply, so you are making yourself more available for the appointment.

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Cost: $120

Duration: 55 minutes

Insurance receipts available

One day, we were without “programs”, that is to say, without beliefs, culture, religion, opinion and intellect. We have to return to this state of purity today while retaining our current wisdom.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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