Energetic Healing

soins énergétique Parlecoeur

An Energetic session is a moment of deep relaxation that creates a favorable environment by stimulating subtle energies, as they are rebalanced, harmonized and refreshed.

During a session you can completely relax and let go as you are comfortably lying on a table while your energy is balanced. The sessions takes place in a calm and peaceful environment.

An Energetic session stimulates the Energetic fields on spiritual levels. The vibratory level is also amplified towards its optimal state.

Energetic session

  • Activates and stimulate the subtil energy
  • Creates deep relaxation of the systems and the release of tensions
  • Harmonizes and centers the energy of the subtle bodies
  • Creates circulation of energy in the subtle energy
  • Helps calming the mind by relaxing

What are Energy sessions for

  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Boosts the energetic system
  • Stimulates harmony
  • Stimulates personal strength and willpower

Pace of proposed meetings and constancy

Sessions last one hour, and they are offered in a weekly regular rhythm, biweekly or monthly. These sessions may occur alternately with sessions using other approaches offered, depending on what is to address in the moment.

How to prepare for a Energetic session

I suggest that you take a moment of self-presence just before the time of the appointment for a few minutes, either by meditation or simply by closing your eyes for a moment and by breathing deeply, so you are making yourself more available for the appointment.

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $140 (+50$ first appointment)

Duration: 55 minutes

The power of heart precisely oriented and channelled is such that it can make each cell vibrate so intensely that it reverts to its original frequency. This is self-healing.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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