Info Covid-19



DISTANCE: The distance between 2 individuals to be kept is 2 meters. For Energetic Healing appointments, please wear your face cover or a mask.

APPOINTMENT TIME: Please show up at the exact time of your appointment. If you arrive early, please wait in your car. The waiting room and offices are sanitized. Please avoid touching objects and other items. If someone is driving you at the office but doesn’t have an appointment, please ask them to wait for you in the car and not in the waiting room.

CLOTHING: Please arrive at your appointment with clean and fresh clothing to avoid transmission, and dispose of your coat and boots with the same precautions. It is strongly suggested that you remove your clothes when you return home and machine wash them.

HAND WASHING: You will be required to wash your hands upon arrival and before leaving the premises, or we will offer you hand sanitizing gel if needed.

It goes without saying that any person who has travelled in the last 14 days and/or who presents flu symptoms, as well as any person who has been in contact with an infected person must not show up for their appointment in order to protect public health. The meeting must be held by tele-consultation.

These information and guidelines are summarized and basic. The complete information and guidelines provided by our Government prevail over them.

May our hearts stay joyful and vibrant, whatever happens, and may our consciousness guide us to use this period in the most appropriate way as a quantum propeller for our evolution and for the evolution of our Planet. Let us all be influencers, role models and inspirational people. Let us put aside (forever!) criticism, judgments and mockery, and let us consciously unite to create a better and equitable world, and above all, let us remember that we have the IMMENSE privilege of living in countries where the means and solutions are accessible and superior to the difficulties we encounter. This is not the privilege of the three quarters of the inhabitants of our planet… Let us share and use this privilege with gratitude and diligence.

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