Pascal N. Paquette

Pascal N. Paquette

Pascal N. (Norman) Paquette is a psychosociologist, communicator, Energetic practitioner, Teacher, Guide and Soul Coach, Naturopath, specialist of change, natural health through healthy living, and communications. He is a unique communicator, facilitating our understanding through colourful and evocative metaphors.

Pascal has first studied psychosocial intervention, having first completed bachelor’s degree in Applied Psycho Social Sciences of Communications and a master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

As a Psychosociologist, having studied and followed a traditional academic path, he also has completed various complementary courses such as Energetic Practitioner, Energetic Cellular Reprogramming and Regressive Therapy that are at the heart of its essential expression.Pascal also offers individual consultations and group workshops that come from a Spiritual perspective. He teaches the individuals to be one with the True Self, one’s true and Universal nature free of unnecessary burdens of the past, and by stimulating the natural process of self-healing and one’s creative expression.

Pascal has a daily discipline and has practiced daily meditation for over 20 years besides teaching it. Passionate traveler, he traveled the world on personal journeys and has also guided people to the Heart of themselves on the path of the unknown to in many countries like Egypt, Morocco, Tibet, Iran, Peru, China, Gobi Desert, in addition to having achieved the spiritual pilgrimage in the Himalayas to Mount Kailash in the sacred land of Tibet. The American Southwest was also a milestone in its sacred path while accompanying groups in the arid southern deserts in Utah and Arizona. In addition, he participated in the creation and implementation of several Spiritual journeys while participating in the development and implementation of humanitarian gestures in all places encountered. His passion for travel is boundless, whether in the realms of the multidimensional Universe or on this Earth. It’s a pure joy for him to do so and he shares this joy and passion for growth on a spiritual journey generously to all those who happily cross his path.

To really get to know each other is to have the courage to open up and let yourself be moved by the other person. In this way, the experience goes beyond appearances to manifest itself in the depth of the relationship.
– Pascal N. Paquette

True art is to make one’s existence and one’s whole being a work of art.
– Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov