Mutual agreement

Cancelling or postponing appointments

Out of respect for the mutual commitment to be present at the scheduled appointment, in the event that an appointment should be rescheduled or cancelled, it is requested to advise by telephone at (514) 990-2699 (voice only, no text messages, it is a landline) at least 72 business hours before the scheduled time and date (Sunday off, therefore 24 hours more in advance for Monday appointments).

If this timeframe is not respected, the client agrees to pay the full cost of the meeting within 48 hours of the cancelled or postponed appointment. If this delay is exceeded, administrative fees may apply.

If you cannot make it to the office or cancel within the specified delay, for whatever reason including Covid, the appointment will be held by teleconsultation, either by phone, Skype or Messenger, Zoom, etc., depending on the possibilities.

Being late for an appointment

If there is a delay of more than 20 minutes without having warned the therapist by phone at 514-990-2699 (No text messages. It’s a land line), it is the therapist’s discretion to wait for the client or to leave the office after 20 minutes of being late. The costs of the appointment will also be charged in full if applicable.

How to register for a workshop or training session

  • To facilitate the room booking and confirmation of the completion of an activity, we ask you to send registration and payment at least one week before the start date of the activity unless otherwise specified.
  • Payment can be made according to the instructions provided with the course or workshop.
  • Should you have to cancel your participation in an activity, please do so no later than one week prior to the activity date.

To say “yes” to oneself is a first step towards a profound transformation, and it is above all a commitment to radiate one’s light.
Pascal N. Paquette