Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR presents Pascal N. Paquette, a colourful and rich communicator known for his thousand and one revealing metaphors, a leader in the areas of health, change and communications. He offers professional coaching, conferences and workshops on a variety of topics, both in businesses and for the greater community. He offers life teachings and support for self-healing through one-on-one sessions to empower your personal autonomy and health.

«Soul To Soul» workshops and trainings, as well as mediation sessions for partners and family members are offered in groups or one-on one sessions.

Naturopath receipts are available for insurance purposes. (A.N.N. and O.C.P.N.)

LoveRadiance is dedicated to alternative and complementary medicine, naturopathy and naturotherapy.

LoveRadiance - Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching



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Energetic Session

Mediation Service

Private meditation lessons

Private Meditation Lessons