Soul to soul mediation

Mediation service

Allow yourself a moment to engage with the other as you are both totally opened and available to the other person.

Soul to Soul Mediation is intended for those who seek harmony and a constructive communication space with others. When present situations intermingle with those of the past and that there are mutual misunderstandings, it is difficult to communicate on the soul level, heart to heart, and especially to deeply understand each other.

Appealing to a third person who can handle the communications and interactions between the people present at the session, will be an asset to a clear and clean communication towards harmony and a genuine relationship.

My role is to promote harmony by enabling people to communicate better, until we reach the heart to heart space where harmony lies.

From that point, choices based on Love but not past wounds can be made.

I choose peace, harmony and communication in my relationships. I choose to be true, to be fair and opened.
– Pascal N. Paquette

Who is this intended for?

Soul to Soul Mediation is intended for couples, families or business partners who wish to better hear, understand, communicate and feel united at the heart level beyond the situations and everyday challenges.

Soul to Soul mediation is a service that is oriented on the “mediation of hearts”, and focuses on communication and understanding of the issues involved in the couples, partners, friends, parent-child, family or professionals.

It is not traditional mediation or what is generally heard as “couples therapy” for cases of matrimonial disputes where people do not want to meet the other one at the heart level.

Soul to Soul Mediation is for those who want to find harmony, joy, fluidity and peace in relationships but do not quite know how to get there by themselves. You will be greeted and invited to present yourself opened and available for true relationships.

How to prepare for a session

I suggest that you take a moment of self-presence just before the time of the appointment for a few minutes, either by meditation or simply by closing your eyes for a moment and by breathing deeply, so you are making yourself more available for the appointment.

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $140 (+50$ first appointment)

Duration: 55 minutes

Insurance receipts available

The heart full of joy, the words are woven and shaped to become a luminous symphony that sparkles in the heart of the other. I welcome and I am welcomed. I offer and I receive.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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