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Rosemère: Clinique L’Ōve
380, Boul. Labelle, Suite 205, Rosemère, QC J7A 3R8
(Next to 640 highway and Labelle Boulevard)

Prévost: Centre De Médecine Douce L’Éveil
3040, Bd du Curé Labelle, Suite 13, Prévost, QC, J0R 1T0 (2nd floor)

Telephone: 1-514-990-2699
(Voice message only, no text message, it’s a landline)


Schedule: depending on the availability of the offices:

TELECONSULTATION – Monday to Saturday
ROSEMÈRE – Thursday, Friday and Saturday
PRÉVOST – Wednesday

Teleconsultation by videoconference

Teleconsultation with your Coach

Soul Coaching – Energetic Healing – Energetic Cellular Reprogramming – Private Meditation Lessons – Naturotherapy

Consult from anywhere you are
Get an appointment faster
More flexible schedule

Insurance receipts available for Naturopathic consultations.

Pascal N. Paquette is a member of the ANN (National Association of Naturopathic Doctors ) and COPNN (Canadian College of Naturopathic practitioners)

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