Private meditation lessons

Private meditation lessons

In addition to group meditation classes, I offer you the possibility of private coaching lessons, adapted specifically to your level and pace on learning to meditate.

Although I usually teach group classes so that you can benefit from the momentum, questions and comments of other participants, some people might prefer individual lessons.

In about four hours of lesson, you will get the full meditative practice course and you will also benefit from a personalized, individualized adapted teaching in your meditation practice.
Thereafter, you will be suggested to have one or two sessions in the following year so we can adjust your practice and answer questions that might arise in your everyday meditative practice.

Through this personal spiritual training you will learn to let the energy circulate freely in your body and around it, to shift those intrusive disturbing thoughts, to regain a sense of inner balance and to cultivate a daily life with emotional detachment and inner presence revealing serenity and joy. Both self-balance and self-healing process will be implemented.


To meditate is to give yourself a moment of break, unity with the Self, well- being, self-presence, a higher level of energy and access to your vibration and personal frequency.

Meditation is a given moment that you create to elevate yourself above the turbulence of the never quiet mind, which provides access to a broader sense of reality.

Meditation prepares to action, so that it is fair, aligned with your Soul and oriented. To meditate also increases your vibratory level and amplifies self-healing and rejuvenation process.

The teachings

  • Create powerful anchors
  • Master your inner states
  • Intensify the Kundalini energy
  • Learn to breathe consciously
  • Increase your vibratory level
  • Learn creative visualization
  • Work with sounds and light to create expansion
  • Amplify Self-Healing
  • Create expansion


The sessions are also available through Skype (pascalnp) or by phone (1-514-990-2699) since it is not necessary to be physically present, although in office appointments are privileged.

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $140 (+50$ first appointment)

Duration: 55 minutes

To meditate is the shortest path to the Soul where all is light and all is perfect.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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