Energetic Healing

soins énergétique Parlecoeur

An Energetic Healing session is a moment of deep relaxation that creates a favorable environment to allow the natural self-healing mechanism by stimulating and rejuvenating subtle energies, as they are rebalanced, harmonized and refreshed.

During a session you can completely relax and let go as you are comfortably lying on a table while the Energetic Healer rebalances your energy. The sessions takes place in a calm and peaceful environment.

Energetic Healing stimulates either a progressive or instantaneous healing of the Energetic fields on spiritual levels. The vibratory level is also amplified towards its optimal state that allows the self-regeneration process to occur.

Energetic Healing

  • Activates and stimulate the process of Energetic self-healing
  • Creates deep relaxation of the nervous system and the release of tensions
  • Harmonizes and centers the energy of the subtle bodies
  • Creates circulation of energy in the subtle energy
  • Helps to unlock knots
  • Stimulates energetic regeneration
  • Calms the mind

What are Energy sessions for

  • Stimulates energetic self-healing
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Boosts the energetic system
  • Counters stress, fatigue and overwork
  • Stimulates harmony
  • Stimulates personal strength and willpower

Pace of proposed meetings and constancy

Sessions last one hour, and they are offered depending on the selected interventions in a weekly regular rhythm, biweekly or monthly. These sessions may occur alternately with sessions using other approaches offered, depending on what is to address in the moment.

How to prepare for a Energetic Healing session

I suggest that you take a moment of self-presence just before the time of the appointment for a few minutes, either by meditation or simply by closing your eyes for a moment and by breathing deeply, so you are making yourself more available for the appointment.

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $120

Duration: 55 minutes

Insurance receipts available

The power of heart precisely oriented and channelled is such that it can make each cell vibrate so intensely that it reverts to its original frequency. This is self-healing.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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