As old as the dawn of time, naturopathy draws its roots from all the people of the earth, adapting to all climates and cultures. We need only think of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, which link body, emotions, environment (terrain) to prevent the onset of disease and whose objective is the maintenance of health. The human being is a whole and naturopathy addresses all its facets by proposing to make the links between the inside and the outside. Naturopathy is complementary and parallel and cannot replace an allopathic medical approach.

Naturopathic medicine is increasingly used by people who want to find alternative and complementary care to allopathic medicine. The benefits of a healthy and balanced diet, activities adapted to each individual and a positive inner state of being are attributes that users find increasingly necessary to face a daily life that poses many challenges.

Naturopathy encompasses everything that is good for humans, everything that nature makes available to them in addition to understanding their own human nature. Well-being is the key tool and naturopathy is its science. Balance is what we are all looking for, and naturopathy supports us in this search.

Frequency and constancy

One hour to one hour and a half sessions is advised, according to the chosen interventions to be performed, in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pace.

These sessions are oriented on specific topics selected by the person and it may be suggested that other approaches alternately occur, depending on what is to address in the moment.

How to prepare for a session

I suggest that you take a moment of self-presence just before the time of the appointment for a few minutes, either by meditation or simply by closing your eyes for a moment and by breathing deeply, so you are making yourself more available for the appointment.

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $140 (+50$ first appointment)

Duration: 55 minutes

Insurance receipts available

Tout est nature, tout est Univers. Comment les éléments se sont associés ou ont été associés, en font des outils de destruction ou de guérison. Retrouvons la relation aux éléments et à leur offrande sous toutes ses formes, afin d’améliorer notre vie, notre santé, notre équilibre, par cette intelligence et cette sagesse Universelle.
– Pascal N. Paquette

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Mediation Service

Private meditation lessons

Private Meditation Lessons