Teleconsultation by videoconference

Teleconsultation by videoconference

Teleconsultation by videoconference allows us to meet in the comfort of your environment without having to travel. With the technology now available, this highly functional means is now widely used in all professional fields and is very secure.

To do so, here are the elements to have

  • A computer, tablet or phone with an integrated camera or Webcam. (Or a phone for voice only)
  • A quiet and peaceful environment where you can talk freely and without being disturbed.
  • A steady place to put your phone or tablet or computer (to avoid image movement for the person you are talking to).
  • Earphones with a microphone improve the clarity of the sound.

The sessions can be held by several technological means that we will preselect together

  • Facebook Video Messenger: with Chrome or other browser, but not with Safari, which does not allow video calls on computer.
  • Phone: voice only
  • FaceTime: Now available for all, even if you are not an Apple owner.
  • Skype: connect to pascalnp (Skype nickname) in advance, and provide your nickname too.
  • Zoom: is an application that allows teleconference meetings. A simple application must be installed in advance. You can download it here:


The payment is required in advance by Interac transfer to, or Paypal in order to reserve your 55 minutes space on the agenda. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled time, except for Monday appointments with 24 hours more notice for any changes (closed on Sunday). (see Mutual Agreement page for more information).

Fleur de Vie - PARLECOEUR

Cost: $140 (+50$ first appointment)

Duration: 55 minutes

Insurance receipts available

To reserve your teleconsultation, you can contact us by email, or by phone at 514-990-2699. P

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